Fathom 9 always comes in with the niceness, so open your ears for ‘Listen’. His lyrics are laced over a smooth, pulsing beat, and typically of him there’s no hook, just raw poetry and flow. He considers himself an MC first and beatsmith second and you can hear why, I feel; he’s playful with the words. It’s a free download but I’d also encourage you to go peep the rest of his Soundcloud because he’s put out quite a few. He also says this is a ‘repost’ but I haven’t heard it before (nor can I find any trace of it anywhere) and it sounds fresh so I’ll just throw it out there.

Have a read through of previous Fathom 9 features on WIB.

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Mr. Scatter Brains/at it again/Free’n his style/Pre-Dawn/Lyrical/exercise regimen/the percussion’s/immaculate/rhodes keys complement the steady beat/perfectionist/searching for that melody/that transmits/speech to the masses/nourishment/provided by these vitamin/enhanced/verbalistic supplements/coded with a laid back subtleness/that could be appreciated/if one just opened their ears to listen…


Listen at the sirens/blaring down ya boulevards/could be ambulance/or c’os/racing in their squad cars/after rogue mobsters/who jumped bail for a hard charge/or maybe they just they/just making some trouble/for brothers/mindin’ their own business in a huddle/seeking warmth from one another/on these cold streets/of Memphis/cause the grind’s relentless/and the world offers no consolation/for your struggle/Listen…

Listen/to the stillness of the twilight/anticipate the coming of the dawn/listen to the beating of your loved one’s heart/in your arms/watch em as they sleep/be thankful that you held fast/to a tangible PEACE/just Listen…

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