Emerging UK rapper Eyaanai shares her 7 track EP titled The Gap EP. The body of work plays out like a diary of some sort as it dives into the rapper’s life from different aspects from inner struggles, financial issues, and much more. The project is produced by CHEK Beatz who laces her with soulful backdrops that fit her laidback flow and honest lyrics.

The introduction opens up with a smooth reflective guitar riff that plays like a mantra while Eyaanai goes in with lyrics like “Sitting in the dark on a trip on the fucking Tube/Trying to work out A to Z, what’s the fucking move?” that sees her reflective on being stuck in a cycle. The title track has a nice jazz piano riff, boomy basslines, and boombap drums to complete the job. Eyaanai is in her element again and makes use of her devil-may-care style to good use with lyrics like “Already know how the story don’t go my friend/The start is the same place that I will end.”  Moving to track 4 titled “To The Score Freestyle,” she details with such vigor how her financial woes almost got the best of her but she eventually hit that lightbulb moment and found a way out. “Hopeless” has a bright cheerful texture and captures Eyaanai’s hearty melodic flow which details how a good day can go South in a blink of an eye. As usual, she delivers a lighthearted performance that really showcases pure honesty with a dash of seriousness.

The project is quite interesting and while it touches on issues we all can relate to, her lighthearted approach gives it a somewhat refreshing feel. Hit the play button and get familiar.


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