A career spanning 5 years and 2 continents has led Berlin-based Australian born, singer, songwriter and producer James Chatburn to the completion of his two part debut LP titled Faible Teil 1 and Faible Teil 2 – with Part 1 dropping featuring lead single ‘Why You Gotta Lie’.

Having toured with Jordan Rakei and The Internet, produced for Brooklyn’s rum.gold, released on Majestic Casual and Soulection and collaborated with Australian hip hop legends Hilltop Hoods on their certified Gold single ‘Higher’, 2020 marks the culmination of years of work in a debut LP.

Through ‘Faible’, James explores his vulnerability – he explains: ’for as long as I can remember, before people spoke so openly about it, I had these issues with anxiety, I kind of wanted to explores these ‘weaknesses’ that we are all susceptible too. I mean the way I am wired led me to be quite insular and creative especially when I was in my teens. I now see how much of a strength it can be, it opened up my empathy and creativity and I think we all have these things we gotta talk through, if we talk about it we can band together and be stronger for it.’

This year, James has released ‘In My House’, ‘Jewellery and Gold’ and ‘The Hurt’ which have received praise from such places as NME and Complex, as well as being featured on leading Spotify playlists.

‘Faible Teil 1’ features the lead single ‘Why You Gotta Lie’, which delves into his interest in compulsive lying, ‘I noticed meeting a few people who would lie for the sake of it, and I found it kind of impressive seeing the creativity which goes into that act, like wow! I kind of looked at this habit (in the process of writing music) as a way to open up the possibilities of how creative you can be.’

‘David Tobias and I produced this album together in his house, he is like this mad collector of vintage gear and has this incredible scope of music throughout the decades, I had this vision of Soul meeting hip hop and modern Psychedelic music I have been listening to. I could not have made it sound old but new without this genius dude backing me.’

You can stream more of James Chatburn‘s music on Spotify and Soundcloud. Then hit up his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to check him out in real time.


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