J Rocc is on tour in Europe for his album Some Cold Rock Stuf, doing what he does best.  Here’s the remaining dates.

May 5, Landshut @ Wintergarten
May 6, Leipzig @ Conne Island
May 7, Basel @ Kaserne
May 12, Eindhoven, Old Gaslaboratory @ Eindhoven University
May 13, London: J Rocc & James Pants in London @ Fabric. Stones Throw Takeover with Kutmah & Alex Chase
May 14, Rotterdam @ Westelijk Handelsterrein

Man, Los Angeles miss DJ Kutmah. F___ those bastards that came in and arrested him that night. Trust me, London is totally blessed to have DJ Kutmah. Awesome guy, and a very humble person. Treat him well while he’s out there, y’all.


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