Emerging singer/songwriter Erik Frank has come a long way from a village of 200 in Spain. He made his way to France, UK, and finally the USA to really pursue his dreams. The singer has worked with luminaries such as Grammy Nominated producer Jayson DeZuzio (Imagine Dragons) and has gone on to amass millions of plays on digital platforms.  His latest release is a double feature for “Anxiety” and “All Night.”

The first cut “Anxiety”  showcases his deep soulful melodic style and a knack for blending pop and hip-hop vibes. The beat here is definitely hip-hop while the layered textures have a smooth pop/r&b vibe while his performance is top-notch and alluring as well. As the title suggests, it dwells on how crazy times we live in are and all the drama we all go through to live normal lives.

“All Night” is a heartfelt and solemn track about lost love between two individuals and its pretty relatable. Frank really taps into his emotions on this one as he reflects on all the good times he had with his significant other over a lush guitar-laden backdrop.

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