Berlin based emcee Elijah Hook crafts an inspirational cut that blends hip-hop, electronic elements with a dash of mass appeal vibes. He beckons the listener to take a look at life from a positive angle and keep pushing on regardless of the odds. The song Experience is the title track off his debut EP and I can easily tell its going to be something brilliant.

Berlin-based rapper Elijah Hook has just released a film clip for single, “Experience“. The clip, written and directed by Elijah himself and premiered via AFROPUNK last week, explores the idea that experiences in your life can either make or break you, emphasising the need to continue on your path despite obstacles and failure.

The lead single of homonymous debut EP “Experience“ released in March 2015, “Experience” was filmed and directed with Momo Ghaffar (who also directed and filmed Elijah’s “Videogames“, and “The Seed“ by Serious Klein).

The Story So Far

Elijah Hook is a Berlin based musician who abandons the same old, same old and is creative, willing and spirited enough to live outside the box.

He is devoted to the very essence of hip hop, fusing classic instrumental elements with electronic sounds and embracing authenticity and realness.

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