The latest leak from NY emcee El Gant sees him taking a leap unto a higher plateau regarding rhyme schemes and breath control. The song in question is RAW as raw can get. Stepping out of his usual zones, El Gant brings out the proverbial big guns (verbally speaking) over 42 Keez 808 heavy, broody backdrop. Spitting rounds after rounds, El Gant wastes little time in letting the listener know that he means business.
 RAW is taken from his upcoming EP Spray Music.
If bars are bullets, El Gant is holding a loaded clip on his new single, “Raw.” The New York City rapper delivers rapid-fire rhymes without taking so much as a half-second to breathe throughout the booming track, which serves as the world’s introduction to his next project, the Spray Music EP. It’s not surprising, then, that Gant told RESPECT Magazine’s Dread Solo that he “moved into an oxygen chamber three stories under the earth” when discussing breath control.
The MC would need that type of setup to handle the production from Chicago’s 42 Keez, whose backdrop brings complementary menace to “Raw” while being deceptively modern. New-school fans can play it alongside their favorite current hard-edged bangers, and older heads can sit with it, digesting Gant’s sharp lyricism and nodding to Keez’s racing drums.
The Spray Music EP drops in August, and it serves as the follow up to last year’s Beast Academy project.
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