Serbian born singer/songwriter Eeva shares with us her newest song “Think Fast, Drive Slow” is a mellow, reflective gem that showcases the singer’s alluring melodies and honeyed vocal style. The record is a personal meditative song about always being on the road, rethinking a wonderer’s lifestyle and choices, feeling lost and ultimately, counting the blessings.

“Think Fast, Drive Slow” I is taken from her sophomore EP Hard-Boiled Wonderland. The title was inspired by her favourite Murakami novel of the same name.


Eeva first presented herself to the public eye as a recording artist in the talent show ”Got talent” in 2013. in Serbia, when she performed Erykah Badu’s ”On and On”, receiving a compliment on Twitter for her performance from the legend Badu herself and leading her to a record deal for her debut album “Part of the plan”. Eeva is working as a session singer and has recorded her vocals for numerous radio jingles and TV commercials.

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