Emerging East London rapper Dualeh Oke  delivers his first single of 2020 titled “Level Up.” The track is an uplifting piece that showcases the rapper’s smooth flow and message-driven songwriting that dwells on positive reinforcement. As the track title suggests, Oke has his goals set and ready to be met this year and he is doing all he can to get it done regardless of the situation. Dualeh’s verses switch from describing the experiences of his past and how they have helped define the person he is today, such as growing up in Newham and his childhood obsessions, namely Final Fantasy RPG’s and Naruto. He effortlessly returns to a catchy chorus, befitting of a track that actively inspires his listeners to take pride in their own journeys.

“Level Up”  is  the lead single taken from his  forthcoming EP ‘Breath, It’s Oke.’


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