Producer Freddy43 is dropping his new EP EP03 and shares with us two joints from the project. The first cut titled “Serpent” is a somewhat broody piece made up of ominous or rather eerie arpeggio, thick basslines and a whole lot of off-kilter sound design that makes it pretty much engaging from start to finish. The drums are not really the main focus here as the other instruments somewhat engulf and take center stage.

The second song “Polo” has a very cinematic and dark feel which rises to a crescendo as the song progresses. Made up of a somewhat vibrant arpeggio sound and weird synths that play off each other. The beat is quite off-kilter and bridges the gap between retro styles reminiscent of Musiqe Electronike.


Freddy43 (1986) is a Dutch electronic music producer. The music he makes navigates the boundaries of Hip Hop, Electronics and IDM. His interest in computers, architecture, and technology is reflected in his sound and art. By also incorporating visuals he strives to create works that form a complete multimedia experience

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