I stumbled across D’Rok while having a look for some Ashtrejinkins jaunts, and I’m glad I did. Death Of An Ego is a smallish package, eight tracks in length with a couple of short numbers, but it is packed to the rafters with dopeness. Production is provided by the aforementioned Trejinkins and Leftydidit – another new name –  whose hard-hitting beats provide the backdrop for D’Rok to deliver his rhymes. And he delivers certifiably. The title comes from part of his mantra: “Your ego is one of your biggest limitations. Let me help you kill it!”. He seems like an interesting, enlightened dude, one of a number of more, say, spiritually guided MCs that are reaching out to the Hip Hop world, and he never once crosses the line of pretentiousness. More to the point, D’Rok is actually really dope. So, give Death Of An Ego a listen, and keep your mind open when you do. It’s a free download so don’t sleep!

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