Yup that’s right I just hit you with some hip hop veterans that have official joined forces.  Del The Funky Homosapien and Kool Keith have united to throw out a killer single under the name Dr. OctoTron. I’ve been waiting for this day, as I have pictured them working together for years and that thought entered my mind once again as I was composing The Top 10 Hip Hop Concept Albums list. One small detail I forgot to mention, the track is produced by the one and only KutMasta Kurt who produced many of Kool Keith’s previous releases.

The track ‘Spaz’ features first Kool Keith, then Del flowing over a super dope Kurt kut. You get that classic freestyle flow feel from the track and some raw scratching throughout the chorus. The single will be released on a limited 7” vinyl this spring, via Threshold Recordings. Would love to see an entire album released by the duo Dr. OctoTron, so let’s hope our wish is granted. For more news on the album in the coming weeks hit up Kool Keith’s website. Spaz!

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