The street cosmopolitan Yinka Diz is back on the grind with his new mixtape “The Radiant Child” which details the ups, downs and then some of his life. Backed by what I  would call a street soul soundscape and armed with a laid back lush flow and top notch verbal imagery, this is effortlessly fresh.

iRecommend: ‘Love 2 Success‘, ‘Meet and Greet

” Making love to success,

 Money on my mind polo horses on my chest

 I used to fill my walls up with posters of corvettes

Now we buy the cars cash with a portion of our cheques

Yes, if my grand daddy could see me

I bet he be proud ‘cos I make this look easy…”

Born in Chicago to a mother from the infamous Cabrini Green projects and a Nigerian immigrant father, Yinka was living in the Inland Empire, Southern California by elementary, and Europe by high school. Soon after his return stateside, he organized and embarked on a 2006 West African tour, which led to his return the following year to take part in the 2007 African Music Awards Showcase. Yinka currently resides in Washington, D.C.  

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