Ras Kass – Ghetto Fabulous

Rass Kass – Home Sweet Home

Ras Kass – Live As I


Personally I’ve always admired Ras Kass lyrical skills…but he has been so inconsistent over the years, that he has left me in the cold…

It seems that the hardcore fans are starting a movement to save Ras Kass though…Head over to the T.R.O.Y blog to read a really good insight on why Ras Kass needs saving…here’s a snippet:

“What exactly does Ras Kass need saving from? He is no longer in prison. He is no longer signed to Priority Records (at least, I believe so). He is no longer beefing with established rappers (who aren’t nearly as talented as he is) like Game. So basically Ras Kass needs saving from Ras Kass. Maybe it’s the folks he surrounds himself with. Maybe it’s his management? Maybe, just maybe Ras Kass needs go back to the basics and realize what made him the lyricist he is today.”

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