[wpaudio url=”http://files.me.com/joselopes/bgh5vz.mp3″ text=”Full Crate & Mar – LOVELY STEPS” dl=”0″]


I just got word from Mar…that this nice mixtape was out, and I should check it out…so…I did, and it’s niiice, and had to share it with ya’ll

Cool mood and perfect mixing by Full Crate…nothing better than 40 minutes of CHILLAX on this tuesday…

Mixed by Full Crate

Hosted by Mar


+ B.Bravo – Computa Love (Mar Variation)
+ Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
+ Martyn – Friedrichstrasse
+ Epcot – Grav I Be (B. Bravo Remix)
+ Benga – Loose Synths
+ 2000f & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is
+ Turboweekend – Something or Nothing (2000f & J Kamata remix)
+ L-Wiz – Lips
+ Mala – Alicia
+ Silkie – Beauty
+ Grand Puba – Get It (Caspa’s 80Eighties Remix)
+ Full Crate – SlumBitMillionaire
+ Silkie – The Horizon
+ Full Crate & Mar – Surreal Moments

Thanks to Mar for the heads up…


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