Dublin-based rapper Curtisy is currently working on his debut album WHAT WAS THE QUESTION, which is scheduled for release on Friday 3rd May. In the interim, the rapper gifts audiences with the new single “Last Time” which sees him reflecting on the sensitive topic of addiction. The production is surreal, melancholic and dark which adds an emotional punch to Curtisy’s candid lyrics like

Swear that that’s my mood
Someone let me bun a zoot
(Listen) Can of Druids
Spitting mad haikus
I’m teaching you some techniques of try
Garda at my door ‘cause I sell weed, supposedly

The rapper doesn’t shy from being vulnerable and honest with showing off his flaws but for the most part, he has a renewed vigour and promises to push through his inner struggles and demons to become a better person.


Curtisy’s highly anticipated debut album ‘WHAT WAS THE QUESTION’ will be released both digitally and on vinyl on May 3rd with a run of live shows in Dublin & Limerick with more TBA. The album is the full culmination of all of his artistic endeavours to date, as Curtisy shows off his range of braggadocious chops and funny lyrics to his laid-back, introspective and vulnerable tracks. The album revolves around themes of addiction, love, hardship and growing up in Dublin, all through the unique lens of Curtisy that is sure to have you both laughing and crying in equal measure.



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