Dyzzi from DivSel (formerly Dyzzi, 90s Dyzzi, and Dyzzi P) is the founder of the Midwest street collective, DivSel (meaning Diverse Selection), and has been fetaured on TWIB more than a couple of times. His style mixes gritty vintage hip-hop and newage elements laced with insighful lyrics. On his new record titled “KidsBackThen”, he teams up with rapper ameriKKKen for a nostalgia-inducing session as both emcees go indepth into their upbringing.  Using the classic hook from 90s rapper Ahmad to accentuate the message, the duo touch on many aspects of growing up in an urban environment from their own point of view.


“KidsBackThen” is the title track of Dyzzi from DivSel’s upcoming sophomore album which will be released in the summer of 2019.


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