Farazi and Kodes Kahra are producer and emcee respectively from Istanbul/Turkey, and they have just released their new remix EP titled “Born To Die”. The project sounds dark as its title and includes the elements of Boom Bap Hip Hop. The tracks from the EP were originally released in November 2019 on the album “Ölmek İçin Doğanlar” (meaning born to die). It is this remix project that houses the ‘Gambler’ track showcased here right now. They bring Trizz to add some lyrical firepower to this remix and his flow cum delivery give an already polished song some extra shine.

The remix version of the project includes 5 tracks from the album and includes a verse by US rappers Chuuwee, Trizz, Pawz One, Pearl Gates and Dyzzi from DivSel. There is a history of collaborations between Farazi and most of the rappers featured on the EP; check here. Each song starts with one of the US artists and is followed by Kodes Kahra with the Turkish raps. All the production on the EP is done by Farazi and you get in touch with him on his socials Twitter | Instagram | Facebook.

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