I Hear Voices is the first leak from the duo of DJ Concept and Rome Clientel aka Dirt Disciples. A conceptual track where we hear emcee Rome Clientel explore his psyche battling his inner demons over a gloomy soulful soundscape. The track is off their upcoming self titled collabo EP.

Upcoming rapper Rome Clientel and producer/deejay extraordinaire, DJ Concept are truly in their own league in 2014. Although their group, Dirt Disciples, may be new to the scene, they’ve cultivated a true emcee/DJ relationship reminiscent of some of the most classic duos in Hip Hop’s history.  When asked about “I Hear Voices,” the first leak from their upcoming self titled mine EP, Rome said that “The song came from imagining my own death and the battle over my soul between heaven and hell and what that would be like.” But Rome doesn’t come across as being holier than thou on the track; in fact, this struggle between good and evil is what makes this track so relatable. We’ve all been tempted to waste our time living foolishly, but Rome’s bars make use reexamine our existence before it’s too late. Dirt Disciples is set to drop  later this month, so vibe with “I Hear Voices” and get down with the duo today. 

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