D.C. native Devin Kowl makes his entry on our site with his new single entitled “Missing U” which details the dynamics of falling out of love. Bolstered by a sublime and soulful backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt performance ripe with soothing melodic runs and soul-gripping lyrics that listeners can appreciate.

Knowl grew up under the influence of chart-topping R&B, blues, and jazz — allowing him to craft a soulful musical experience that seeps into every aspect of his songwriting and production. A 4th generation entrepreneur running his family’s company, Kowl moved to Los Angeles to pursue music, he began performing for corporate and private events throughout the city. He’s been featured at the MTV Emerging Lounge, and Scion’s Got Talent event, among many others. Recently, he put all his time and attention into writing and producing his own music, a deeply soulful R&B style and true-to-life lyrics that get to the heart of who we are as humans.

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