Producer Phoniks is definitely not cooling his jets by the look of things. Just about a month ago he dropped the Awon collaboration project “Knowledge of self” and now he’s back with another project with his usual partner Dephlow on “Deph Threats”.  Another work of art from the duo if I do say so myself. Hit the play button and get with the program.

Album Write Up

‘Deph Threats’ is the debut solo album from Hampton, Virginia native Dephlow. Linking up with Portland, ME producer Phoniks to create a raw 14-track, 55 minute soundtrack focusing on inequality, social injustice and self-reflection. A year removed from collaborating with hip-hop duo Awon & Phoniks to produce “Dephacation”, 2014’s upbeat onslaught of bars and metaphors, Dephlow has now stepped back to a darker place and put his ability as a songwriter on full display across tracks like Hard Times, Time Is The Teacher, Lost Girls and WWPD. Dephlow spits his stories over a soulful palette of Phoniks productions and enlists the help of F. Draper, Anti-Lilly, Awon, Envy Hunter, Tiff The Gift, Nehemiah Bell, and My Main Man Keion across the LP’s 14 cuts. The result is a project that delivers powerful messages and soul-stirring personal stories over Phoniks signature gritty, soulful beats to create a debut album that will stand among the most powerful in recent hip-hop history.

“On ‘Dephacation’ I gave you bars, metaphors and double-entendre’s. On this one I give you my soul.” – Dephlow

Track by Track Album Guide:

Deph Threats begins with self reflection, as the title track delivers an overview to the artist’s frustrations of failure and transitions into the perspective of a young Dephlow in Troubled Young Man. The dark slow vibe opens up to a faster paced, but equally compelling reflection of everyday struggles in Hard Times. Dephlow and Awon team up again for Time is the Teacher on a Phoniks production that masterfully captures the meaning of artists that aren’t blind to society’s woes. The conceptual nature of the first four tracks transition into bars of double entendres, metaphors, and similes that is often expected from Dephlow. The project flows along with features from Houston rappers Anti-Lilly, and Envy Hunter, Tiff the Gift on the bouncy F Draper produced People Talk, and Your Way featuring the vocals of Nehemiah Bell. The Spoken Word artist My Main Man Keion delivers the Manifesto for Deph Threats in what can only be described as a powerful declaration of demands for societal change before the album comes to a close over the chilling Phoniks production “Last Words”.

The Writing Process:

“This album was started during a period of my life that should’ve made creativity impossible. I dedicate this album to my father Leon, my best friend’s father Joe, to my sister’s mother Katherine, and to everyone who has lost someone they love to cancer. I wanted this album to sound aggressive and angry, but I believe God had another plan and a message of resolution and strength for me to deliver. I have no other way to describe how I put those thoughts together. I couldn’t make this album the same way today. I will never forget hearing the masters for the first time. I took a ride and eventually had to pull the car over and just sit there and listen. I knew we achieved something that could live forever even if I never put another solo album out. This album is that powerful.” – Dephlow

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