John Reilly gifts us with this upbeat, engaging joint aptly titled Do That Shit off his upcoming Standing in the face of time EP. He clearly states his intentions from the jump. Grab the microphone and do that right away.

Long Island rapper John Reilly continues to strike out on his own with his slick-talking new single, “Do That Shit,” which is aimed squarely at the heads of all the wack emcees out there cluttering the airwaves.

When he rhymes, “Grab the microphone and do that shit/ We’re tired of hearin’ rappers who can’t spit/ They gettin’ booed at quick!” on the hook, it’s hard not to imagine the hurt feelings of any rapper within listening distance. And anyone who takes it to heart will no doubt recognize that Reilly’s been doing this for a minute, as he was previously a member of celebrated underground outfit the Day Laborers.

He’s focusing on his solo career now, though not without some help from a rising producer. “Do That Shit,” like the rest of Reilly’s upcoming EP, Standing in the Face of Time, features an ill instrumental from Chicago’s Rediculus. His Boom bap roots are strong and evident on here, as it brings to mind the work of his biggest influences, particularly the Beatnuts.

Standing in the Face of Time, will soon be available for free download, courtesy of Platformz Records.

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