Browsing the internet will have you discover a lot of things, especially music, and to extend the fact even further I just stumbled upon this beat LP  brought to you by Denaun Porter (who we have seen recently involved in many projects). Released on Rappcats, Mr. Porter pays a huge tribute to Robert Glasper, who is one hell of a musician when it comes to playing instruments, with such projects out like, the Robert Glasper Experiment & Black Radio.Denaun put this LP together in nine days, which is quite a feat.. but when you’re a true musician, anything is possible when you’re truly artistic in your creativity. So, stream the music, and if you like it, grab the download over at Rappcats!

Denaun Porter – sHaKuR 4 dA pEoPlE
Denaun Porter – tOld YaLl
Denaun Porter – mOnTeZ tHeMe
Denaun Porter – dEnAuN’s hApPy sOnG

“This is meant for people that understand the language of music. This is not for the shackled brain. Not to sell or be sold, just enjoyed.

 Long story short, I am a fan of Robert Glasper. This project contains samples of music of his from the internet, official releases, and even live performances I saw on YouTube. Porter Chops is a representation of when, I feel, the business side of things interfere too much with my creative process.” – Denaun Porter


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