Singer DeMeir makes his entry on TWIB with two cuts from his catalog. The singer sure delivers the goods with his laidback melodic style and use of surreal atmospheric backdrops.

The first cut titled “Risk” dives into the ups and downs that come with falling in love. Love is a risk he sings over the moody head-nodding beat and he sure is not regretting his decisions. He pours adulation on the lady who caught his eye and proclaims his love in a very honest manner.

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“Stuck ina Room” has a more somber and reflective feel. The beat here is made up of moody textures, dreamy pads, and bell-like synths as he details his experiences with heartbreak.  He takes time to reflect on the situation and seeing no solution in sight he takes it upon himself to move on.

Get “Stuck ina Room” on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud


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