Neon Brown and Deca are back with a brand new video that displays the duo’s unpredictable. The video in question is for the song “Zick?” taken from Deca & Neon Brown’s well-received collab project, The Donner Party which first dropped back in August.  The video is a play-on John Carpenter’s classic ’80s cult movie, They Live, where Deca’s aviator shades reveal anti-consumerism messages that permeate our daily existence. It’s really creative and clever, but also very hilarious. The crew pays homage to the movie in several ways, including the classic Carpenter costumes, subliminal messages advertised to the American people, and the ridiculous fight scene between Roddy Piper (Deca) and Frank Armitage (Neon Brown). After their short-lived beef, the two take to their neighborhood bar only to realize that even their local watering hole isn’t safe.

Get the project on all DSPs here.

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