NY artist Deca follows up with a gripping visual for his song “All In a Dream” that showcases his visual artistry and knack for crafting ethereal sounds.


The hypnotic visuals center on a small character who makes their way through an ever-changing world of colors and varied imagery. Some of the graphics reference back to Deca’s rhymes like hidden Easter eggs, while other bits are more in line with the track’s title. It almost feels like an understatement to say it feels as if you’re in a dreamscape alongside his rhymes and production, but that’s exactly what it’s like.

“All in a Dream” is but one of many highlights off Deca’s most recent LP, Snakes and Birds, which dropped in late October of last year. And the video feels like a companion piece of sorts to his previous video for “Clay Pigeons,” which felt more like an interpretation of a capitalist nightmare than the overall dreaminess of “All in a Dream.”

Check out the visuals and head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support Snakes and Birds which is available now on vinyl in limited quantiies exclusively through Deca’s Bandcamp page.


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