“Superspeed” is the latest collaboration between German producer deathbypeanuts and singer MERON. The production has a sombre and nostalgia-inducing feel with its rich guitar plucks, moody pads and thick 808-kicks and underpinned by MERON’s soothing melodic runs. Here, he delivers a melancholic performance with his distinct vocal tone and expressive style.



deathbypeanuts is an anonymous producer and multi-instrumentalist, whose project is an exercise in collaboration. A classically trained pianist, dbp’s teen years saw him swivel to contemporary jazz piano and bass guitar, before kicking off his music career at 17 as a touring musician. He has since shared stages with names such as The Black Eyed Peas, CRO, Lena Meyer Landrut, Namika, Max Giesinger, and SCHMYT. His moniker alludes to his deathly peanut allergy.


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