Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Harrison Brome is a man who wears many hats. His latest release Stars At Midnight is a potpourri of genres unified by his unique twist. With 4 EPs under his belt and a million-plus streams bolstering his trajectory, Harrison’s new 5 track body of work continues his musical streak.

The project opens up with “Close to me”, a smooth guitar-driven pop ballad that explores the concept of being neck-deep in love. The production is slick and is bolstered by pulsating bass rhythms, slick guitar plucks and subtle electronic synths underpinned by Harrison’s soft vocal runs and heartwarming lyrics. He is quite sentimental and doesn’t shy away from showing his vulnerability towards that special someone who gives him much-needed comfort in his life. The second track “Stars At Midnight” starts with a dreamy and atmospheric guitar-driven texture and soft drum grooves. Here, Harrison spins a familiar tale of fleeting love. He examines this love from an outside perspective and sees all the cracks while also basking in the good memories he had. As the chorus goes “My love,love, starts to burn out, starts at midnight”, Harrison comes to terms with his situation and enjoys it for what it’s worth.


“Don’t Want To Say Goodbye” is a solemn track that digs deep into Harrison’s past mistakes in matters of the heart. Here, he tries his best to make it up to his lover to no avail as everything he does just can’t change the fact. Armed with his rich honeyed vocals he pours his heart out on wax with lines like “I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye, to the sun in my eyes, I would rather go blind for another day by your side” and hopes to make things right one day. “In the Dark” continues with the lovelorn theme and Harrison sure knows how to channel these emotions with his soul-stirring songwriting. As the title suggests, the singer revels in a love that might not come to be and struggles to find his footing in the proverbial darkness where his heart races for something pure.


The final song “Forget About Us” feels like a conclusion of some sort and starts with the brooding lines “Counting the days to when we gonna die/Heaven or hell, I think we gonna be alright/Smoke in my face just to cover my eyes/from falling asleep when I’m standing upright”. His calm demeanour takes precedence as he delivers a smooth gripping falsetto melodic run in the chorus section before sharing his thoughts on life and the unpredictability it will bring. The production has a sombre and melancholic feel and the use of airy atmospheric vocal effects adds that emotional depth of sadness and nostalgia.


Overall, Stars At Midnight is a cohesive and well-crafted body of work that explores love, changing emotions, vulnerability and finding one’s inner peace.


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