multi-talented musician Dayon Greene is a rapper, producer-songwriter recently put out his debut album ME.  A project that dwells and explores themes like self-love, social equality, rocky romances, manifestation, and the importance of community.

The first cut on the line is the thumping go-getter anthem titled “Commas” featuring fellow DMV emcee O-Slice as they remind the listener who really runs things around their hometown. The two waste little time in conforming and go for the jugular with fiery raps laced with bravado.


The second single titled “Mary Go Round” is a smooth mellow jam that explores the ups and downs of relationships. Over a smooth funky backdrop, Greene takes the listener on a journey that is both emotional, reflective and heartwarming. It’s a topic everyone can easily relate to. Greene adds that the song is for all the people out there who have been in a relationship that ended up being a never-ending cycle of circling around what was really important.


The ME project is a complete, thought-provoking work that features sounds, feelings, and rhythm patterns from a wide range of genres and inspirations. Dayon has been building relationships throughout the DMV music scene for years now, and this project allowed him to build on this family-first mentality with friends like O-Slice and Eddie Vanz lending their lyrical talents in the form of two unforgettable verses on “Commas” and “I.K.I.T.S.” respectively. The album was recorded by Jay Que Sound at BIAS Studios in Springfield, VA, and features production from Dayon himself, cpsl0ck, The Kount, MK Beatz, and Yellow Shoots.


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