Singer/songwriter Cocoa Sarai takes the stand on the issues that matter on her new single “Strange Fame” and it’s accompanying visuals that beautifully conceptualize the song.

The song is beyond a political stance but it is personal as well with Cocoa Sara exploring the depths of police brutality and it’s domino effect. She brings the listener closer into the mix with her emotional performance that comes from pain and sorrow. Over the soulful and somewhat anthemic backdrop, she draws every ounce of her strength to tell this story that every black person can relate to. The picture painted is vivid and it’s something we have seen way too many times on social media showing those who were assigned to protect abuse their powers.

The video directed by Cocoa Sarai and Kai Martinez is gritty, cinematic, and emotionally powerful. From the scenes of the protests to the moody aesthetics, the viewers are given a firsthand look at the state of affairs involving black folks. Sarai is unapologetic in her portrayal and aims to rattle and ruffle feathers to get her message across.

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