British singer/songwriter Chinwe returns with. new single titled “Come We Fly” which is a follow-up to her previous release “Paranoia“. Over a sublime and dreamy backdrop, Chinwe delivers a soul-stirring performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that dwell on finding reassurance in a toxic relationship while ignoring the red flags but that weird comfort keeps one holding on to it. The production is quite eclectic and has a distinct ebb and flow that rises from the mellow verses and reaches a crescendo in the chorus section as the rousing drums come into play.

“Come We Fly” is the latest release from her forthcoming EP.

The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Jamaican Mother, Chinwe was exposed to an eclectic range of music from an early age. Having played classical violin as a child, the self-taught musician started writing songs as a teenager and began experimenting with production as another outlet for her creativity. 

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