The Swiss guru Chief dropped a surprise volume of 31 tracks last weak called Echo Chamber, comprised of ‘rough beats and random beats’. But since it’s Chief, even the roughest of beats will be smooth – and it’s a free download. Check out the goodness.

Beat master Chief has assembled a solid collection of 31 beats, demos and other goodies produced in 2013 to form “Echo Chamber”, the new project available now as a free download! This release is a close look at Chief’s multi-faceted productions, it features both previously available and yet-unreleased beats, collaborations with the likes of Deheb, Ghostape,… and much more! “Echo Chamber” further showcases Chief’s evolution as a beatmaker, embracing different influences and ambiences to widen his musical spectrum while retaining the sound signature he came to be known for. 

[wpsharely]Download Echo Chamber: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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