NoBadSound studio is a community run arts/culture establishment in Montreal and is known for producing/ affording local talents a platofrm to showcase their skills. What we have here is no exception with these ladies individually known as Mags, SageS & Naïka Champaïgne but together they go by the moniker Strange Froots. Their style of music cover a wide spectrum as they merge African music, hip-hop, soul etc into a smooth paste that would have you nodding in agreement from the first listen.

Their debut Ep The Strange Froots EP is a 6 track project that is pretty eclectic, experimental and engaging. Pardon the alliteration, the qualifiers just came pouring down with no filter. Anyways, this is project is pretty solid and it would deifnitely appeal to a wide range of audiences without losing the plot.

Hit the play button and get with the program.
All songs were recorded at NoBadSound Studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by Dr. Mad, Lou Piensa & K.O.F.

All songs written by Strange Froots except where noted.

All tracks produced by Mags, with the exception of “Green Apple” by Dr. Mad and “Okra Confessions” by SageS. Guitar on “Green Apple” by Naïka Champaïgne.

All tracks mixed and mastered at NoBad Sound Studio by Dr. Mad and K.O.F.


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