It’s been quite a hot minute since we got new material from emcee/producer Lou Piensa. For those who may not be privy to his work, he is a member of the renowned multi talented collective known as Nomadic Massive and also part of the Loop Pilots (Alongside producer Dr Mad).  With a catalogue that spans the length of the globe, Lou is pretty much a busy individual as he traverses across several countries uplifting the culture.
On his latest venture, he teams up with Sao Paulo based Jazz rap crew Mental Abstrato on a solid record titled  “Head Lost”. The track is an organic piece of art that blends live jazz instrumentation with hip-hop sensibilities. Lyrically Lou delivers his trademark commanding flow with insightful lyrics to match. The emcee dwells on the current state of world affairs such as  the pursuit of self realisation and much more. He kicks gem after gem but one particularly bit that hit me is “…I meant it when I said “peace”/ My mind’s with the kids in Aleppo, may they rest please/ Graphic reminders in my feed, I don’t feed off sensationalism, let me be freed/ From all these false prophets and info crooks in the place/ How about less facebook and more books in your face?…
Mental Abstrato is made up of Omig One: percussion Calmão: MPC Guimas Santos: Bass Thiago Duar: Guitar Cauê Vieira: Sax & Flute Beto Montag: Vibrafone. Hit the play button and get familiar.
Keep up with Lou Piensa : Soundcloud : Facebook :  Instagram

Keep up with Mental Abstrato : Soundcloud : Facebook : Youtube : Instagram

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