This joint crept in like a thief in the night or morning- depending on what part of the world you are in. The song in question is Speed Of Thought by two Montreal acts that have been blazing our pages right here on TWIB for years now.

MC/Producer Jai Nitai Lotus– a brilliant lyricist who is also adept with lush sonics and the indelible producing deejay Dr Mad.  Speed of Thought marks the first time (what took them so long??) these two would blend their creative minds for the world to see.

  Speed of Thought is a 2 minute lyrical construct with a summery, laid back imagery laced with slow hard drums, thick baseline and a dreamy vocal loop to match. I have no idea if these two cats will be working on a project together but I can only wish.

  Hit the play button and get familiar.

In case you missed it check out our 1 on 1 interviews with Dr Mad and Jai Nitai Lotus

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