NC platform, Carolina Waves, presents “Black AF,” a collaborative track that features a handful of North Carolina artists. The rappers involved include Lena Jackson,2FLY KNG, TAGEM, and  Jooselord who all step up to bat with thought-provoking lyrics that reflect the current state of affairs.

Backed by ImaniYaya BeatzPressley‘s ominous and hard-hitting production, the emcees take time to speak on issues plaguing the black community and also lending their voices to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a pivotal moment in history and this generation of artists is doing what they can to continue the activism legacy of their forebearers as they fight for civil rights, equality, social justice, and against systemic racism, police brutality, war. 

100% of the profits from the single will be donated to NC based anti-racism & discrimination non-profits including Democracy Green, Black Out Collective, Raleigh Pact,  Raleigh Demands Justice, Emancipate NC, and Advance Carolina.

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