The duo of Char and Crock Taylor are the newest duo who caught our attention with their brand of boom-bap sounds and dense lyrical skills. The duo shares some tracks off their forthcoming collaborative project titled Supervillain Stories.

The first track to strike is the anthemic piece titled “It’s The Lo,” a broody synth laced track that feels like the second coming of a new era as the duo go back and forth over the microphone to deliver some good old wordplay and verbal gymnastics. Get it on Spotify.


The second track is titled “Mafesto,” this cut has a more mellow and reflective feel with its lush soulful flutes and soft drums to match. As usual, the duo comes through with solid performances with their lyrics and smooth flows. They do take time to reflect on their craft and keep the negative energy away so they can fully focus on their goals. Get it on Spotify.



The next joint is called “So Melo” which also has a mellow vibe laced with a nice lo-fi texture. A blend of different styles plays a central role in this tune. The flows are sharp as usual and a nice soothing chorus holds everything together. Get it on Deezer.



The final cut “Blazin’ ” has a pseudo reggae vibe on the chorus only but the backdrop has more of an ethereal vibe with the lush strings and weird sound design. The duo don’t shy away from displaying their love for the herb that keeps them inspired and cool. Get it on Spotify.


Check out more of his music. Get the single on all DSPs here.

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