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After waiting close to six years after PTSD for another Pharoahe Monch album, the waiting is now over.

Monch, along with Daru Jones and Marcus Machado, formed like Voltron to become Channel Th1rt3en, and delivers A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism, an album that took ten years to come into fruition. Eight of those years were in planning prior to the Take It Personal Radio interview.  

With three singles and an NPR performance already out, Th1rt3en has tackled topics such as racism, police corruption, hyper consumerism, and more. They even got the blessing the band Black Sabbath to cover “Hand of Doom” to bring you “666 (Three, Six Word Stories)”.

According to Monch, the latest single Cult 45 is a continuation from the first single Fight, with the band exorcising “another systemic thorn from the soul of the oppressed. Police brutality against the black man. The occult’s manipulation of the masses behind the veil of democracy.” Despite the track being the first on the album, it “speaks to the overall temperament” of the project.

The song Palindrome (which didn’t make the cut) gave us three things; One, the introduction to Th1rt3en. Two, the mindstate on where Monch was at in the formation of this album; and three – his creative freedom bearing fruit while making it.

With “13” playing a huge role in the concept for the album, Th1rt3en has delivered a very dope body of work, along with displaying the many ways the idea of 13 was used.

Give it a listen by clicking on the picture above.

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