Dublin-based producer/musician, Sal Dulu shares his new release “Girl” as he prepares to drop is debut LP.

The record is a rousing mix of hard drums layered with choppy soulful jazz samples and expertly aligned sound designs to complete the job. It sure strays from the expected and delivers an off-kilter beat that is uniquely the producer’s choice.

“Girl”, the latest to be taken from his forthcoming debut album, Xompulse which is set for self-release via his own Duluoz Records on February 19, 2021

Speaking about the album, Sal Dulu says: “The album comprises fragments of aural and visual memories and assimilates these in a series of memory-based songs or dreams. The album can essentially be described as moving through a dreamscape.” Recorded between London and his home studio in Dublin, this new music adds to Sal Dulu’s previous collection of songs that demonstrate his creative process from several angles. Exorcising an array of genres, everything from jazz, to classical, ambient and hip-hop, and ideas that he’s worked with over the last twelve months – largely throughout the nocturnal hours – since summer 2019, Xompulse is a distinctly soothing trip through memory with each track evocative of a different playback.

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