‘Perfect Definition’ is the latest collaboration between Cee, Abstract Artform, Ambition and DJ Grouch. A hard hitting straight fire cut, the rawness on this track takes me back to the mid ’90s, far removed from the glossy looks and pop laden hooks. This is a straight up bang your head joint from start to finish.

“…Raised on a diet of Super Nintendo

While trying to get the girls sprung off the innuendo…”


Yes sir, I can totally relate to that. Need I say more. Hit the play button already. Also be on the look out for that Cee X Dr Mad  EP coming soon

‘Perfect Definition’ is the culmination of a cross-Canadian Hip Hop movement – Abstract is from Winnipeg, Ambition hails from Halifax, DJ Grouch (who graciously laced the track with his signature cuts) reps Toronto, and Cee is posted up in Montreal. The choppy sample is complemented by tough deliveries, solid bars from all three MCs and Grouch‘s Primo-style hook puts the nail in the coffin. 


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