He calls himself a mixed up individual and I have to agree that this dude really is mixed up in the head. Avant-Garde isn’t a new name to the Bond and, like we told you to look out for it, we present to you 2v Sides of the Same: Spittin’ Images. As expected, one has to fight through the foggy mind state of this cat to get to the good stuff and he does have some good stuff on that tape.  As a beat maker, Avant-Garde has got potential and as a rapper he does not disappoint though he only crafts the beats for half the tape while he employs other hands to hit the kicks for the other half. Giving the title of the tape, you should expect to hear a lot of conscious rap and experimentation on the tape. There is a no holds barred approach to this tape and Avant-Garde brings his personalities to play on here. That’s enough talk from me, the good stuff is after the jump.

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