Some more creative output from the genius that is Flying Lotus. When he’s not making albums of the year, Captain Murphy is his other, more verbal, self and honestly, FlyLo is a really good MC. The Killing Joke’ is not new but these visuals are, and they are crazy, lucid, trippy, terrifying. Just what you’d expect. Keep an eye out because Captain Murphy’s Duality mixtape is set for a vinyl release.

The Word Is Bond archive is enough to explore the mysteries of our new Captain, but I read a few weeks back how FlyLo was disappointed that he felt obliged to reveal himself after all the frenzy there was about trying to identify this new mysterious character. As I see it, if you’re going to release your first single on Adult Swim with Flying Lotus production and Earl Sweatshirt on the feature what else did he expect? If he wanted to have been an MC anonymously he should have built it from the ground up, sneaked in unobserved. It was inevitable people would speculate where this randomly connected guy came from. Anyway, I’m glad he did it, Duality is dope and Flying Lotus is an interesting musician.

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