James Gardin keeps pushing the bar with every release and with his recent foray into a more alternative RnB laden hip-hop, he continues to dig deep into more personal topics. On “Ijuststartedlovingme,” he muses on the journey to find himself and eventually appreciate himself for exactly who he is, complete with flaws and whatnot.

Over a smooth piano-driven backdrop, Gardin delivers a heartfelt, uplifting performance that is part reflective and part encouraging to the listeners. Always in his bag, he sheds the expected. and makes use of a splash of autotune in his vocals for the fun of it. Gardin implores us to see value in ourselves regardless of what the external elements may say. We often play the never-ending comparison game in life and that can only lead to sadness. We need to understand that we all got one life to live so might as well make great use of it by being happy with ourselves.


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