North Carolina rapper Qro makes his mark on our site with his anthemic single “Freedom.”

Bolstered by a vibrant soulful live backdrop, Qro aims to inspire and encourage the youth to push through the obstacles that they face every day. It may sound cliche but the message is timely in these times we live in and the way he delivered it is quite engaging without going overheads or being too preachy. The beat is quite punchy and is accompanied by a rousing melodic chorus laced with triumphant horns to complete the call to rise up.

This Clarkton, North Carolina native began his official path of music at the young age of 19. Though he nurtured his skill all his life he was inspired by his mother and other local artists like J. Cole. He decided during his career in the military that he wanted to be a prominent and well-known artist in the music industry. Jan 2019 he released his debut single “Tough Luck” and has been diligent in making a name for himself locally in El Paso, Texas. Upon finishing his contract September 2019, not exactly sure which city he is going to next only made him more motivated and eager to take the steps necessary in his career to achieve his goals in the music industry. Brand Owner and brand CEO Of his his own business (Qronation) “Inspired clothing for the inspired”. Qro has taken a lead in becoming innovative for the next generation. Momentum building along with his willingness to learn, it’s only a matter of time before his presence is known. 

Keep up with Qro  | Website: Soundcloud: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify

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