Artists who are afraid to fail often do, but those who aren’t afraid to fail, bounce back with a new proclamation of self, and with that, a goal-getter attitude. Even amid biting uncertainty and crippling anxiety, they discover new sides of their talent that weren’t fully tapped into, surprising the sternest of critics with the heights they can truly achieve. Los Angeles soul singer Cami Petyn is one of those artists.

Cami’s not afraid to put herself out there, and if you follow the singer on her YouTube channel, you’ll see that she’s allowing the public an invite into her development as an artist. In a video cover of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” the singer admitted that as of April 2019, she had only been singing for seven months and playing the ukulele for seven days. She could’ve fooled us — she sounds like the next candidate to feature on Postmodern Jukebox.

In the video we witness a young girl flipping a country-pop song on its head, taking the genre into new terrain with soft, soulful runs and a jazzy club-quality about it.

To understand the direction on her first single, “Static,” it’s almost necessary to take a peek at her progression on the video channel, which contains performances of original songs. “Static” showcases a mature voice in the vein of past R&B soulstresses Terry Ellis of En Vogue and another pink-haired pop star, Pink, during her Can’t Take Me Home days. These are artists that have transcended their genres and enjoyed long career stretches.

If Cami continues to march on and ignore the demons that inevitably get in the way, she’ll definitely reach the top. We’re excited to watch this singer’s career go in many directions.

Watch “Static” here:

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