Toronto rapper/producer Callmegulliver delivers a heartfelt and introspective single titled “The One With The Voicemail.” The production is quite vibrant in terms of the drum arrangement and the textures are moody in nature while the rapper delivers a mix of stream of consciousness with a personal touch.

Gerson “Callmegulliver” Archila is an artist, producer, songwriter, and manager for Indigenous Pop singer Natasha Fisher. Callmegulliver was raised in a Guatemalan household in various regions of the Greater Toronto Area throughout his life. The Seneca alumni (Independent Music Program 2015) and quadruple threat bring a hybrid of his love for hip hop and admiration for Pop and R&B to the table. Callmegulliver dives into storytelling and often a lyrical take on life and its ups and downs based on his experiences. Influences such as Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake have shaped the stylistic journey of Callmegulliver. With an overall catalog on Spotify that has over 900,000 streams, Callmegulliver’s co-written and produced for artists such as Natasha Fisher and August Brodie. Callmegulliver is currently recording his debut EP “50 Gulliver Road”. The first single for 50 Gulliver Road, “In My Head (feat Victoria Gouveia)” is out now on all platforms alongside an animated music video. Callmegulliver’s new single drops “The One With The Voicemail” October 1st, 2021.

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