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Vicstradamus – “Sentinel”

Vicstradamus is back in the field with another one titled “Sentinel.” The track has lively drums and sublime vocal sample chops with somber keys and layered sounds to match.

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Weizhi – “2 hearts”


UK producer Weizhi makes his way on our playlist with his newest effort “2 hearts.” The beat is cinematic and dark and blends modern trap drums with 80s stadium drums alongside dark synths and pads. Quite splendid to be honest and different too.

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Vindu – “Evening Stroll in Shibuya”

“Evening Stroll in Shibuya” by Vindu is a soulful and introspective beat ripe with somber keys, warm textures, and soft drums. It’s quite relaxing as well.

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Mountain Soundsystems – “Big Sky Mind”

Mountain Soundsystems make their entry on our list with this piano-driven piece titled “Big Sky Mind.” The production is a mix of styles from hip-hop grooves, jazzy chord arrangements, and lofi textures.

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Comfort Frequency – “Yerba Mate”

Comfort Frequency takes use into the lo-fi zone on his new release titled “Yerba Mate”. The track is somber and moody and makes use of a punchy boom-bap drum groove as well.



kBeats x YJKL – “Tape Decks & MPCs”

UK producer kBeats and Italian musician YJKL team up for this “Tape Decks & MPCs,” a sublime retro-tinged beat that takes elements from lofi, boom-bap, and soulful elements. It’s quite short but packs a punch with its somber strings, excellent scratching, and punchy grooves.

DannyKBeats – “Lavish”

DannyKBeats gives us a treat on his new release titled “Lavish,” a mellow engulfing beat ripe with smooth keys, warm textures that combine to give a reflective vibe layered over bouncy 808-laden drums. The result is quite engaging and perfect for insightful raps.







Shuko & damaa.beats – “Central Park Chillin”

Shuko and damaa.beats take us back to summer with “Central Park Chillin.” The track is ripe with reflective keys, warm basslines, and soothing horns to match. It’s quite perfect for that evening’s relaxing playlist.


Hot Mustard – “Window Seat”

Funk/soul duo Hot Mustard shares the new release “Window Seat” a solid blend of retro funk/jazz vibes that everyone can rock with. With their solid musicianship in the bag and their love for the 60s and 70s, the duo sure delivers the goods with gusto. The single is off their forthcoming project Mother Sauce.

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Pines – “Waiting 4u”

Emerging producer Pines makes his entry on our list with “Waiting 4u,” a summer-infused beat ripe with nostalgic jazzy lo-fi guitar vibes and smooth drum grooves. It sure exudes relaxing energy and is perfect for any individual’s study time.

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JTR x Sblanc – “Like That”

Italian beat-maker JTR teams up with producer/singer Sblanc for this awesome instrumental titled “Like That.” The track blends hip-hop grooves, soulful vocal chops with soulful jazz vibes while Sblanc throws in some angelic melodic runs in the background and the result is so splendid.

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Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “End Of Summer”


Johnboybeats and Plon B. take us to the “End Of Summer” with this heartfelt and nostalgic piece ripe with smooth keys, warm bass guitars, and soft drums to match.

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Coujo – “play dead”

Coujo makes his first appearance on our playlist with his ominous beat titled “play dead” the track is a mixed bag of sounds that vary from cinematic, melancholic, and plain off-kilter.


Saumit. – “Slow- mo”


Emerging producer Saumit shares his new release “Slow- mo” a moody mellow beat ripe with solemn and reflective soundscapes and punchy trap drum grooves. The track is off his forthcoming 5 track EP entitled WIP comp.

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Gl0ckSamurai – “knx”


Emerging producer Gl0ckSamurai shares his new release “knx” which has an ethereal sample with cinematic sound designs layered over crunchy drums. He added that he was inspired by old IKEA ads.

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Kidd Called Quest – “Survivors Remorse”


Kidd Called Quest shares his new instrumental “Survivors Remorse” on our list. The track makes use of a classic piano sample which he flips expertly over hard-hitting boom-bap drums. “Survivors Remorse” is taken from his new EP BXROCstrumentals, which is the instrumental version of his 2019 collaborative release BXROC with Bronx wordsmith G Fisher.
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As Copenhagen-based UK producer ERAAN prepares to drop his sophomore EP he shares with us the lead single “HEX”. The track has a mellow relaxing feel and it’s ripe with moody sound designs and soft drums as well. “HEX” is from ERAAN’s second EP Up In Flames, released via Primitive Art on 19th November.

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Wesley Keet – “Still Searching”


Wesley Keet thrills us with some lofi sweetness on his new release “Still Searching.” A stunning beat riddled with smooth and lush textures, head-nodding grooves to match.


No Chords – “Dune”


Producer No Chords comes through this week’s playlist with a sublime and cinematic piece titled “Dune.” The dynamic effort is built on scenic strings, reflective pads, and soft sparsely arranged drums.


AngstAmr – “xEnErgy”


UAE-based producer AngstAmr goes for a dark, cinematic approach on his new release titled “xEnErgy.” He makes use of trippy sound designs, dark synths, and pads over hard-hitting crunchy drums.
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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Call Me Sunset”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles say goodbye to the summer season the best way they know how as they release this sublime beat titled “Call Me Sunset.” The track is as nostalgic as they come and is built with a smooth jazzy texture and laidback drums.
Kyle Quentin and the Kyles is the instrumental-only creative outlet of a former DJ and current designer from Switzerland trying to bring some new aesthetic to the lofi & jazz hop beat game with a unique visual approach.
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Groove. – “HaveABeerWithMe”

Groove‘s newest release “HaveABeerWithMe” is a soulful and nostalgic piece built on crispy riffs, warm textures, and a solid drum groove to match.

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NugLife – “Milly Joint – Instrumental”


L.A.-based hip hop NugLife closes out this list with another solid release “Milly Joint” taken from his new project. The track is as mellow as they come and it’s ripe with lush guitar riffs, thick basslines, and crunchy drums to complete the mission.
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