The exquisitely talented and always original Busta Rhymes will headline the eighth annual, six-day festival.Busta performed at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival last year but just as part of then headliner Q-Tip’s friends lineup. This year, he returns to perform at his hometown’s hip-hop festival.

Wes Johnson, executive director of the company putting on the event, said Busta is an ideal choice

“One of the most interesting things that kept coming up when we talked about Busta in the office is all the different ‘Bustas’ there were. Busta to me is the skinny kid from ‘Sound Of The Zeekers’. To other cats in the office he is the muse of Hype Williams and the definitive artist of the video era. To younger fans he is the guy who killed it on the Chris Brown song. To purists he was Dilla’s biggest supporter after Q-Tip.

“Just as Q-Tip was in 2011, Busta is the embodiment of what Brooklyn Bodega and The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival is all about. Diversity, inspiration, longevity all fueled by an undeniable love for the music and culture,” Jackson said.

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