Prepare for an adventure of soulful self in Budamunk and Joe Styles‘ latest collaborative project Soul Quest. This 15-track session is packed full of jazzy vibes, warm beats, snapping snares and calm flow (as well some some not-so tuneful hooks). Budamunk takes control of the production, and with it brings glittering pianos and those swinging hi-hats, and although stylistically it switches up there’s a consistent mood across the whole album. Meanwhile Joe Styles is on the vox, matching the production stride for stride with his bluesy form of lyricism. Very dope.

The latest project by BudaStyles…is the very soulful album titled “Soul Quest”. On this album, journey along with Budamunk and Joe Styles as they pay homage to the great sounds of 90s R&B, Neo-soul, and Jazz, infused into their signature boombap style of hiphop. So on behalf of BudaStyles, you are all welcome to come along on a “Soul Quest”. 
By Budamunk & Joe Styles

Budastyles bio:
The origins of BudaStyles was formulated during Budamunk and Joe Styles early years as The Keentokers Crew. The chemistry between the two was instantly recognized. Budamunk had big respect for the way Joe Styles came up with different songs, ideas, concepts,and how he is versatile when approaching tracks. Same time Joe Styles gained a deep admiration for the way Budamunk created beats, developing a signature swing with his drums, to the warm groovey bass-lines, and melodic sounds, they both began recording a slew of tracks that came out as projects such as, “BudaStyles Classics”(2009), “Keentokers The Fresh Speech”(2011), “Blunted Monkey Fist 2″(2013),”From LA To Tokyo”(2013).They both share a strong love for 90s R&B and Hiphop Golden Era, as well as Jazz, 70s Soul, and Neo Soul.

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