The Boomjacks are some of the flyest Fins around, and they are back with a new instrumental project called Moments In Space And Time. Originally titled ‘Moods & Grooves’, this has actually been two years in the works, and is packed full of funky rhythms and lost samples. Released by the dope dudes of U Call That Love.

Moments in Space and Time” is a brand new project from the Finnish beatmaker duo, The Boomjacks, which consists of brothers known as Jyri & Villejam. After releasing previous material independently – 4-part “Beats” series, “Beats of Ice and Fire”, “Butter & Jam” and a collaborative EP with the American rapper Apollo’s Sun, “The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1” – the group decided to drop next project on a new record label, U Call That Love. 

Words from Jyri: 

The current project is something we started over two years ago, or basically a project of that feel was started back then. Originally the work title for it was “Moods & Grooves”, though it was on the stage where we kept it just between us, so never mentioned it publicly. It was supposed to be a project that works even more as an album of instrumentals than our “Beats” series. We set up a few beats but ended up ditching it for a while and some of the other originally intended beats ended up on “Beats vol. 4”. It now contains maybe two beats that were somewhat rearranged from the earlier versions and a few other beats that we have been sitting on, waiting for the a project they would fit on properly plus a few completely new beats. “Moods & Grooves” felt inadequate for the project title. The beats on the tape try to reach a mood, and basically what they do is take capture an instant in the four dimensions we all live in, so that’s the origins of the title “Moments in Space and Time”. 

Hip hop with soul.

Purchase Moments In Space And Time: Bandcamp

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